Winner of the Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards and Ladies Stylist of the Year

Welcome to MJS Hair & Beauty

Maxine, and her team at MJ’s,are ready to provide you with a fantastic experience on every visit. This exclusive hair & beauty salon is unique & independent. Maxine and her staff will personalise your appointment so you are guaranteed to receive the excellence and professionalism you deserve.

The MJ’s team continually research what you expect from a hair & beauty salon, so we’re not just reliant on thirty years experience and personal management.

At MJ’s we know how to provide you with the style and Exclusivity you need.

Relaxing Massage

Why not relax with one of our indulging massage treatments

Professional Stylists

It is not always yourself who knows best what would fit you perfectly

Haircut and Styling

It is not just a job, it is art and pleasure to work with woman’s hair

Manicure & Pedicure

Hands and feet work for you a lot, sometimes they need vacation, too

Eyelash Extensions

Nothing can grant a woman such charm as  long curved eyelashes


Relaxing hot towel wet shaves along with many other services for a fresh groomed look